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A collection of full color photobooks, mostly by Japanese photographers and models. Also, an experiment in black and white transformation and abstraction. Most photobooks come in original and b&w versions. Please download the pdf files with your laptop or desktop so you can view them as two-page spreads, as they were meant to be viewed when the books were designed. Also, your download speeds will be a lot faster.

Photobook Collection publishes its own full color and black and white photobooks. Your support helps. You’ll receive full color and/or b&w pdfs of the next printed photobook, access to two thousand pdf photobooks, and frequent bonus updates of films, documentaries, erotic movies, and more, featurng the works of the over five hundred models and photographers.

Current updates:

Two concise eye-opening documentaries about a very legendary Tokyo-based photographer.

More in the Collection.

An erotic movie featuring the model in this digital photobook.
Digital Photobook
Originally published in 2016.

DOWNLOAD the b&w rendition of this originally full color digital photobook.
Please set your pdf viewer to “two-page spreads”. The original color version is in the collection as well. Digital photobooks are now the dominant mode of photographer-model expression, with the turn from print to digital starting in earnest in the mid-2000s.

This idol’s crowdfunded idol movie.
Independent idol
Originally published in 2017.

DOWNLOAD a b&w preview of her recent WBook here
. Please set your pdf viewer to “two-page spreads”. She did her own crowdfunding campiagn recently, raising about $30,000usd from 157 supporters. The group-effort idol video that resulted offers insight into the current parameters of expression within the genre.

An erotic movie including the model in this digital photobook.
Digital Photobook published 2014

DOWNLOAD (in the private collection only).

Ten pdf photobooks in the collection.

One of the best critical books on the subject of Japanese idols.
The Japanese Idol
Criticial analysis

For supporters, a detailed social-contextual analysis of Japanese idol culture; the study of “idology”. Of special note is how idols become the image of desire in corporate consumer capitalism.

This model’s debut and sequel erotic movies
Y.K., photographed by Y.F.
Digital gravure photobook, 2017

DOWNLOAD the b&w version of this digital gravure photobook.
Please set your pdf viewer to “two-page spreads”. Models who do erotic movies? Perhaps, it is this, from The Test Drive by Avital Ronell: “Even in its most hallucinatory conditions of satisfaction, the ego senses that something may be missing; it becomes insecure and must start up the machinery of testing.”

An erotic movie featuring the model in this photobook
R photographed by K.H.
Originally published in 2017.

DOWNLOAD (in the private collection only)
both the black/white transformed version, and the version with original color. Please set your pdf viewer to “two-page spreads”.

One of the best dramatic movies ever produced about the reality of Japanese idolatry.

More photobooks are always being added to the Collection

FREE previews:

M.Y. on location in France.
Originally published in 2005.

DOWNLOAD the black and white transformed adaptation of this full color photobook.
Please set your pdf viewer to “two-page spreads”. More pdf photobook files with M.Y. are viewable in the complete collection.

A.M. photographed by F.S.
Originally published in 2003.

DOWNLOAD (in the private collection only)
Please set your pdf viewer to “two-page spreads”. A classic example of the alternative style. Perhaps showing more individuality; and that photobooks can be more than “the seashore and uniforms”. Full collection includes several other works by F.S.; all in this similar style.

S.U. photographed by Y.K.
Originally published in 2004.

DOWNLOAD the eighty-three page black and white version of this photobook. Please set your pdf viewer to “two-page spreads”. More pdf photobook files with S.U. are viewable in the Supporter’s Area.

R.K. photographed by K.S.
Originally published in 2004.

DOWNLOAD this newly created b&w version of a one-hundred thirty page classic photobook by two prolific artists. Please set your pdf viewer to “two-page spreads”. Several books and videos with R.K. In addition, there are fourteen pdf photobook files of photographer K.S.’s work in the complete collection, ranging from 1991 to 2014. Photographer of the John and Yoko portrait series Double Fantasy in 1980, another of his books, Santa Fe, sold well over a million copies in the early 1990s.


Kazuo Ishiguro

I’ve travelled the world twice over,
Met the famous: saints and sinners,
Poets and artists, kings and queens,
Old stars and hopeful beginners,
I’ve been where no-one’s been before,
Learned secrets from writers and cooks
All with one library ticket
To the wonderful world of books.
-Janice James

Y.K. on location in Hong Kong.
Originally published in 2005.

DOWNLOAD the black and white transformed adaptation of this full color photobook.
Please set your pdf viewer to “two-page spreads”. More than fourteen pdf photobook files, plus bonus “making of” idol videos to be included in regular updates. Previously it was fairly common for the most popular Japanese idols to shoot their print photobooks on location in Hong Kong, France, Guam, Vietnam, Hawaii, the US, and/or the UK. Photographers, models, stylists, makeup people; a big investment and production. The photobooks typically telling the story of a “weekend date abroad”. The mid-2000s represent a penultimate (or ultimate?) bloom for the genre.

S.A. photographed by K.I.
Originally published in 2002.

DOWNLOAD a black and white pdf version of the original color photobook.
Please set your pdf viewer to “two-page spreads”. S.I. in her day was a breakout global star performing in numerous mainstream drama and erotic films.
The collection contains fourteen pdf photobook files her bikini and erotic-drama videos are in bonus updates.

S.I., the legend
Originally published in 2015.

DOWNLOAD the b&w version of this print photobook.
Please set your pdf viewer to “two-page spreads”. Twelve pdf photobook files in the full collection. One of the most popular and successful Japanese idols of all time.

Photography by Katchan
Originally published in 2001.

DOWNLOAD the transformed b&w version of issue 25 of this “mook” series. Most issues share this experimental mashup style of imagery + personal text. More inside…

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For the twenty years prior to the Photobook Collection project, digitized Japanese idol photobooks have usually circulated as loose images in folders that were in turn zipped with quirky formats like rar or tar. As photobooks have historically been the primary and often final form of photography exhibition in Japan, reconstituting loose images into two-page spread pdfs (digitally) restores the original artistic intentions of the photobook artists and producers.

T.I. photographed by NDC on location in the US.
Originally published in 2018.

DOWNLOAD a b&w version of one of the two photobooks this model and photographer have collaborated on.
Please set your pdf viewer to “two-page spreads”. Twelve pdf photobooks by photographer NDC, and eight pdf photobooks featuring the model are in the complete collection. TI achieved breakout success from the #1 Japanese idol group, AKB48. NDC has been photographing high profile Japanese idols for at least 10 years.

K.S. photographed by K.O.
Originally published in 1993.

DOWNLOAD the b&w version
. Please set your pdf viewer to “two-page spreads”
The rich color original photobook is also in the collection.

Photography in Japan

Beyond the world of Japanese idols, Photobook Collection also looks at photography from a wider view.
Essays and books reviewing photography in Japan and worldwide, from 1840 to the present, are in the main collection.

Photography by H.N.
2015 in Japan

DOWNLOAD the black and white version
. Life in the city, photography by H.N.
Two of his works in the collection.

The History of Cattle
Originally published in 2015 in Estonia

This photobook is the catalog of a 2015 exhibit at the Museum of Nonhumanity. Essays include: Imagining Non-Human Realities, Many Faces of Truth, From Language of Detachment Toward Expressiveness of Affect. Available in the main collection.

R.K. in France
Originally published 2016

DOWNLOAD the transformed black and white version
. Please set your pdf viewer to “two-page spreads”.
Sixteen photobooks in the main collection. Her “making of” videos are in bonus updates. One of the more successful idols, R.K. began her entertainment career while in grade school. Now in her 20s, her list of movies, television shows, and related projects is extensive.

Yua photographed by M.L.
Originally published in 2008

DOWNLOAD a black and white reinterpretation of this full color photobook.
Please set your pdf viewer to “two-page spreads”. There are two photobooks by this photographer in the collection. A depth to the works, on location in China.

M.M by photographer K.Y.
A 2018 Digital Photobook

DOWNLOAD (in the private collection only)
This outlier model is part of a very interesting story.

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In den zwanzig Jahren vor dem Photobook Collection-Projekt kursierten digitalisierte japanische Idol-Fotobücher gewöhnlich als lose Bilder in Ordnern, die wiederum mit schrulligen Formaten wie Rar oder Teer gezippt wurden. Fotobücher waren historisch die primäre und oft endgültige Form der Fotografieausstellung in Japan. Durch das Rekonstruieren loser Bilder in zweiseitige PDF-Streams (digital) werden die ursprünglichen künstlerischen Intentionen der Fotobuchkünstler und -produzenten wiederhergestellt.

Photobook Collectionプロジェクトの20年前から、デジタル化された日本のアイドルフォトブックは通常、rarやtarのような奇妙なフォーマットで順番に圧縮されたフォルダ内の緩やかなイメージとして回覧されてきました。 歴史的にフォトブックは、日本での写真展の主要な、そしてしばしば最終的な形式でした。 ゆるやかなイメージを2ページ分のpdfs(デジタル)に復元することにより、フォトブックのアーティストやプロデューサーの元の芸術的意図が復元されます。

Au cours des vingt années qui ont précédé le projet de la collection de livres photos, les livres d’images digitaux numérisés ont généralement été diffusés sous forme d’images libres dans des dossiers qui étaient à leur tour zippés avec des formats originaux comme rar ou tar. Les livres photo ont été historiquement la forme principale et souvent finale de l’exposition de photographie au Japon. Reconstituer des images lâches en pdfs de deux pages (numériquement) restaure les intentions artistiques originales des artistes et des producteurs de livres photos.

Voor de twintig jaar voorafgaand aan het project Photobook Collection zijn gedigitaliseerde Japanse idoolfotoboeken meestal verspreid als losse afbeeldingen in mappen die op hun beurt zijn geritst met eigenzinnige formaten zoals rar of teer. Fotoboeken zijn historisch gezien de primaire en vaak laatste vorm van de fototentoonstelling in Japan geweest. Het reconstitueren van losse afbeeldingen in PDF-spreads van twee pagina’s (digitaal) herstelt de oorspronkelijke artistieke intenties van de kunstenaars en producenten van het fotoboek.

The Context
As documented by Galbraith in Idols and Celebrity in Japanese Culture; popular media, culture and art, especially in Japan, are consistently self-referential. This “whole life” factor adds to the emotional engagement and enjoyment of viewers and fans. A feeling of closeness. Thus, a model’s real and/or acted story experience in a photobook meshes with their earlier and future roles as characters in drama, guests on television, commercial spokespeople, as musical or stage performers, etcetera.

The names of the models and photographers, as well as their backstories, are disclosed in the supporter’s area of the Collection. You can search alphabetically for more than two thousand photobooks with four hundred and fifty one models, shot by over one hundred photographers. Bonus updates will include magazines, and erotic, bikini, mainstream, and “making of” movies.

The Collection is creating new original printed photobooks. Your support helps. Please click here to see the options to support the Project and access the full collection..

A.M. photographed by S.H.
Originally published in 2004.

DOWNLOAD this black/white transformed version.
Please set your pdf viewer to “two-page spreads”. Ten pdf photobooks of this model, showing the context of her career arc and life journey, are in the full collection.

Originally published in 2004.

this b&w translation from the original color (in the private collection). Please set your pdf viewer to “two-page spreads”.

R.S. on location in New York City
Originally published in 2009.

a black and white pdf version of the original color photobook. Please set your pdf viewer to “two-page spreads”. Six pdf photobook files as well as video give context to her career. There are also ten pdf photobook files with the photographer’s works.

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Wie von Galbraith in Idols und Celebrity in Japanischer Kultur dokumentiert; populäre Medien, Kultur und Kunst, besonders in Japan, sind durchweg selbstreferenziell. Dieser “ganze Lebens” -Faktor trägt zur emotionalen Bindung und zum Genuss von Zuschauern und Fans bei. Ein Gefühl der Nähe. Das reale und/oder agierende Story-Erlebnis eines Models in einem Fotobuch steht damit in Einklang mit seinen früheren und zukünftigen Rollen als Charaktere im Drama, Gäste im Fernsehen, kommerzielle Sprecher, als Musical- oder Bühnenkünstler und so weiter.

Die Namen der Models und Fotografen sowie deren Hintergrundgeschichten werden im Supporter-Bereich der Sammlung veröffentlicht.
Sie können alphabetisch nach Fotobüchern von vierhunderteinundfünfzig Modellen suchen, die von über hundert Fotografen aufgenommen wurden. Es gibt mehr als zweitausend Fotobuch-PDF-Dateien. Plus zweihundert Filme, an denen diese Fotobuchmodelle und Fotografen teilnehmen: Erotik, Bikini, Mainstream und “Making of”.

Die Sammlung erstellt neue original gedruckte Fotobücher. Ihre Unterstützung wird dabei helfen. Wenn Sie auf das Bild dieser vierzig Fotobuchumschläge klicken, gelangen Sie auf die Seite, auf der erläutert wird, wie Sie das Fotobuch-Sammelprojekt unterstützen und auf die gesamte Sammlung zugreifen können.

アイルランドのガルブレイスと日本文化の有名人によって記録されているように、一般的なメディア、文化、芸術、特に日本では、一貫して自己参照しています。 この「人生全体」の要因は、観客やファンの感情的な関わりや楽しさに加わります。 親密感。 したがって、フォトブックでのモデルの本物の、そして/または行動したストーリー体験は、ドラマのキャラクター、テレビのゲスト、商業スポークスパーソン、ミュージカルやステージパフォーマーなどとして、彼らの早期および将来の役割を網羅しています。

モデルやフォトグラファーの名前、バックストーリーは、コレクションのサポーターの領域で公開されています。100人以上の写真家が撮影した450個のモデルのフォトブックをアルファベット順で検索することができます。 フォトブックのpdfファイルは2千本以上あります。 これらのフォトブックモデルとフォトグラファーが参加する200以上の映画には、エロティック、ビキニ、メインストリーム、そして「メイクアップ」があります。

コレクションは新しいオリジナルのフォトブックを作成しています。 あなたのサポートはそれを助けます。

Comme documenté par Galbraith dans les idoles et la célébrité dans la culture japonaise; les médias populaires, la culture et l’art, en particulier au Japon, sont systématiquement auto-référentiels. Ce facteur «vie entière» ajoute à l’engagement émotionnel et au plaisir des spectateurs et des fans. Un sentiment de proximité. Ainsi, l’expérience narrative réelle et/ou interprétée d’un modèle dans un album photo concorde avec ses rôles antérieurs et futurs en tant que personnages de théâtre, invités à la télévision, porte-parole commerciaux, interprètes de musique ou de scène, etc.

Les noms des mannequins et des photographes, ainsi que leurs arrière-plans, sont divulgués dans la zone réservée aux supporters. Vous pouvez rechercher par ordre alphabétique les albums de quatre cent cinquante et un modèles, photographiés par plus d’une centaine de photographes. Il y a plus de deux mille fichiers pdf de photobook. Plus de deux cents films auxquels participent ces modèles de photobook et photographes: érotique, bikini, mainstream et «making of».

La collection crée de nouveaux albums photo imprimés originaux. Votre soutien aidera avec cela. En cliquant sur l’image de ces quarante couvertures de livre photo, vous prendrez la page qui explique comment vous pouvez soutenir le projet de collection de livres photo, et accéder à la collection complète.

Zoals gedocumenteerd door Galbraith in Idols and Celebrity in Japanese Culture; populaire media, cultuur en kunst, vooral in Japan, zijn consequent zelfreferentisch. Deze ‘hele leven’-factor draagt ​​bij aan de emotionele betrokkenheid en het plezier van kijkers en fans. Een gevoel van nabijheid. De echte en/of geacteerde verhaalervaring van een model in een fotoboek komt dus overeen met hun eerdere en toekomstige rollen als personages in drama, gasten op televisie, commerciële woordvoerders, als muzikanten of podiumartiesten, enzovoort.

De namen van de modellen en fotografen, evenals hun achtergrondverhalen, worden onthuld in het gedeelte van de collectie van de supporter. U kunt alfabetisch zoeken naar de fotoboeken van vierhonderdvijftig modellen, gemaakt door meer dan honderd fotografen. Er zijn meer dan tweeduizend fotoboek pdf-bestanden. Plus tweehonderd films waarin deze fotoboekmodellen en fotografen participeren: erotisch, bikini, mainstream en “making of”.

De collectie maakt nieuwe originele gedrukte fotoboeken. Uw steun helpt daarbij. Als u op de afbeelding van deze veertig fotoboekomslagen klikt, komt u op de pagina die uitlegt hoe u het project Photobook Collection kunt ondersteunen en toegang hebt tot de volledige collectie.

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